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Switching Your Wordpress Site To SSL
Last Updated 4 years ago

N5 Networks now offers free ssl certificates for all websites and wordpress instances.  To install an ssl certificate find your instance and click the image to manage the instance.  Click on manage SSL.  From there you will be given the option to install a free SSL Certificate on your instance.

Once you have installed SSL you will be able to access your site through https:// instead of http://.  Many wordpress requires a few additional steps in order for the site to default to the secure site as opposed to the unsecure http:// site.

To force your wordpress site to go through SSL you must first login to your dashboard.  Go to:

Once you are in your wordpress dashboard, find settings on the left and click on general.

Once in the general settings there are two changes that need to be made.  You will want to change the Worpress Address (URL)  and the Site Address url to reflect the new SSL certificate.  Simply change the http:// at the beginning of the url to https://


There may be places, such as the logo  in your theme, posts and/or pages where some images may still be going through http:// instead of https, these will have to be changed manually, otherwise your secure certificate may throw various errors about mixed content.

If you need additional assistance, please feel free to open a ticket at the helpdesk.

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